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From developing your golden thread, to managing operations and maintenance with quality O&M and BIM data, Operance helps you get more from your information.

How It Started

With a passion for digitising the construction and property industry, our founders Ian Yeo and Scott Pilgrim set up at the Centre for Digital Innovation [C4DI] in order to collaborate with game developers, UX/UI designers, server architects and more. It was here that they began collaborating with Tim Mutlow.

Together, Ian, Scott and Tim began focussing on a growing client problem; the inability to store, search, update and utilise building information. They got to work on developing Operance, a mobile-first digital operations and maintenance (O&M) application, empowering facility managers and building owners to manage their facilities and reduce the cost of building ownership.

A Universal Solution To A Universal Problem

Think about your own home; where do you keep your mortgage documents, boiler instructions, insurance documents, oven warranty, energy performance certificate and purchase receipts; not to mention the product specifications and manufacturer details of every component, fixture and fitting?

Now think about that in the same context for large education, healthcare, commercial and industrial estates. The problem is the same, just bigger!

As experienced construction and property professionals and home owners, our founders became increasingly frustrated at the inability to store, search, update and utilise building information, so they set about creating a solution!


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We’re hiring!

We’re hiring!

We’ve a big vision in mind, we need the best software developers to build it.

Operance Newsletter 2

Operance Newsletter 2

Our first market-ready version ‘Archimedes’ is our biggest release so far…