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Golden Thread and O&Ms.

With AI at your side.

Operance is the world’s first, AI-powered, purpose-built golden thread platform, enabling users to easily define, curate, maintain and query building operations and building safety information.

The Best Building Information Is Built With Operance

More than 100 projects of all sizes are currently developing their O&Ms and golden thread, with Operance.

Generative AI and blockchain-powered end-to-end solution for producing and maintaining Building Safety Act & O&M Information.

Designed by property people, for property people. Operance helps contractors and building owners develop quality as-built information and comply with new legislation. 
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Flexible data template interface & library

Define standardised building information by creating bespoke organisational data templates.

Top use cases:

Golden thread information

Gateway checklists

Construction handover packs

ISO 19650 best practice

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User-friendly AI-powered data entry

Manage and collaborate on new and legacy building projects to curate accurate information.

Top use cases:

Legacy estate data migration

New project as-built packs

Supply chain coordination

BIM & COBie data uploads

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Lifecycle information updates

Access, share and utilise data whilst continuously developing your digital estates portfolio.

Top use cases:

Unlimited users, live updates

Blockchain powered ledger

Golden thread audit trail

Live and useful O&M data



AI-powered golden thread assistant

Manage and collaborate on new and legacy building projects to collect accurate information.

Top use cases:

Instant access to information

Summarise risks & mitigation

Create schedules and tables

Auto-populate content

How Operance works

Get started in 3 easy steps


Set up your projects
Agree your O&M and golden thread information requirements, create an organisation and your projects.


Automate coordination
Assign your project team and supply chain against their works, then sit back and watch as they provide their information.


Keep up to date
Enable end users to access and use O&M data for FM purposes and keep golden thread information up to date.

Now Is Your Moment to Build a Safer Future

We’ve seen what the past looks like. 
It’s time to decide what tomorrow will be.

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