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Partnerships & Case Studies

We have established strategic partnerships with a multitude of recognised brands and governing bodies, including councils, across the United Kingdom. Our mission is clear and transparent, just like building information and safety should be! We want to transform how we curate, access, and maintain building information today to create a better, safer future for everyone.

Read through our case studies below, outlining why we created these partnerships and what positive outcomes have already come from them. Interested in a partnership? Scroll to the bottom of the page!

Ryder Levett Bucknall – RLB

Operance and Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) have established a successful strategic partnership over the past two years. Together, we have provided a range of software and services to support RLB’s projects across the UK, delivering exceptional value and driving efficient digital workflows. As RLB’s primary BIM consultant, Operance has been instrumental in supporting RLB’s projects with a total value exceeding £1 billion

Higgins Group

Operance and Higgins Partnerships have formed a strategic partnership to support higher-risk housing projects in and around London. Our collaboration focuses on helping Higgins Partnerships and their customers comply with the new Building Safety Act while developing structured, digital information for efficient project management. Together, we tackle complexities and challenges to deliver exceptional outcomes and value.

Darwin Group

Darwin Group are helping the NHS meet extraordinary demand by constructing outstanding healthcare facilities that enhance the quality of care for patients and staff. Darwin Group firmly believe every patient should have access to world-leading healthcare facilities that empower the NHS to deliver exceptional care. They work in partnership to create outstanding healthcare environments completely aligned with clinical needs. Through their turnkey modular solutions, they are dedicated to supporting the NHS in its mission to establish a new clinical estate that is fit for the future.


Operance and CalfordSeaden have established a strategic partnership to support the housing associations within the G15 group in defining and curating their Building Information Modelling (BIM) and building safety information. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide a comprehensive solution that enables housing associations to consolidate their information into a single, reliable source of truth. This strategic partnership between Operance and CalfordSeaden demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional value and ensuring the highest information management standards.

Basildon Council

In recent months, Basildon Council have been working with Operance to ensure optimal building safety and regulatory compliance by making the most of our platform to manage HRB registration, Key Building Information, Safety Case and Safety Case report. This case study explores how Basildon Council have been using Operance to ensure building safety.

Our Mission: Building Intelligence

Our mission is clear: Operance aims to transform how building operations and building safety work for everyone in the UK and globally. The best way to do this is by rebuilding the very foundations of how our building information is stored, digitalising it and enabling it to be kept up to date continuously without the risk of lost information. 

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