Case Study:

Basildon Council Streamlines Compliance

With Building Safety Act Using Operance


Basildon Borough Council


Basildon Council are the local authority of a district in South Essex, called the town of Basildon. The Basildon District was formed on the 1st of April 1974, with a population of around 172,000.

In recent months, Basildon Council have been working with Operance to ensure optimal building safety and regulatory compliance by making the most of our platform to manage HRB registration, Key Building Information, Safety Case and Safety Case report. This case study explores how Basildon Council have been using Operance to ensure building safety.

The Challenge

The United Kingdom has been witnessing a major overhaul of building and fire safety regulations in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017. Since then, legislation has been put in place to ensure that building information is created, stored and shared in the right way to prevent such disasters from happening again.


Tracking Building Information

Since 2019 the golden thread legislation mandates that building information should be created, stored, and shared throughout the life cycle of a building. This information includes design drawings, specifications, construction details, and maintenance records.


Building Fire and Safety Acts

The latest building fire and safety act legislation came into place in 2023. As part of the new Building Safety Act 2022, the ‘BSA’ requires all existing and newly occupied higher-risk buildings to be registered with the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) if and before they become occupied


Secure Data Environment

To ensure that information is stored in a safe and secure location and updated throughout the life cycle of a building, it needs to be hosted and accessible in a secure data environment.


Basildon Council successfully implemented Operance, a comprehensive building information software platform, to meet the requirements of the Building Safety Act. Operance provided them the tools to develop structured, digital information and streamline managing their HRB Registration information, Key Building Information, Safety Case, and Safety Case Report.


Regulatory Assurrance

With Operance, Basildon Council are experiencing significant benefits in their compliance efforts. The platform allows them to centralise and organise critical building information, ensuring easy access and retrieval when needed. This streamlined approach improved efficiency in documenting and maintaining their building safety records.


Golden Thread Activity Log

One of the standout features of Operance that impressed Basildon Council was the utilisation of Operance’s Golden Thread Activity Log, a blockchain-powered immutable ledger. The platform records all tracking activities on this secure and tamper-proof ledger, providing an additional layer of assurance and transparency. Basildon Council found peace of mind in knowing that their data and tracking activities were securely recorded, reducing the risk of any information gaps or inaccuracies.


Building Safety Act

Operance enabled Basildon Council to navigate the complexities of the Building Safety Act more effectively, breaking down the legal requirements in a simple, step-by-step guide, complete with a detailed explanation of what is being requested by the BSR and its purpose, along with helpful examples. The structured and digital information developed through the platform helped them comply with regulatory requirements and facilitated better decision-making and improved communication among stakeholders.


By using Operance, Basildon Council has been able to ensure building safety by complying with the golden thread legislation and the latest building and fire safety acts. The following are some of the results achieved:

Tracking Building Information

Operance has enabled Basildon Council to keep track of key building information required to maintain maximum safety and be compliant with the golden thread. We do this by providing a golden thread activity log and a platform to centralise and store building information.

Building and Fire Safety Acts

Operance has enabled Basildon Council to improve compliance with the latest building and fire safety regulations. The platform provides a checklist of items that need to be addressed to ensure compliance. Basildon Council can track compliance and ensure that all issues are addressed before the building is occupied.

Centralised Repository for Building Information

Operance provides a centralised repository for building information, enabling Basildon Council to access and share information with all stakeholders. This has led to improved communication and collaboration among team members.


Basildon Council has embraced innovation and taken significant steps forward by leveraging Operance to ensure building safety, compliance with the golden thread legislation, and the latest building and fire safety acts. Operance has proven to be an optimal solution for Basildon Council, offering comprehensive coverage of building and fire safety requirements, efficient tracking of building information, and a secure data environment.

Operance has provided Basildon Council with a cloud-based platform that enables seamless creation, management, and sharing of building information. Through this platform, Basildon Council can ensure compliance with the most up-to-date building and fire safety regulations, prioritising the safety of occupants in the region’s buildings.

In summary, Basildon Council has successfully harnessed the power of Operance to prioritise building safety and compliance. Basildon Council demonstrates their commitment to utilising technology and advancing regional practices by adopting this innovative platform. Operance has emerged as a valuable tool, offering Basildon Council a centralised repository for building information, streamlined maintenance management, and the assurance of delivering high-quality, secure, and compliant buildings to their community.