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Strategic Partnership with Calfordseaden

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Operance and CalfordSeaden have established a strategic partnership to support the housing associations within the G15 group in defining and curating their Building Information Modelling (BIM) and building safety information. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide a comprehensive solution that enables housing associations to consolidate their information into a single, reliable source of truth. This strategic partnership between Operance and CalfordSeaden demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional value and ensuring the highest information management standards.

The Challenge

The United Kingdom has been witnessing a major overhaul of building and fire safety regulations in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017. Since then, legislation has been put in place to ensure that building information is created, stored and shared in the right way to prevent such disasters from happening again.


Data Standardisation and Integration

Standardising and integrating diverse data from various housing association projects posed a significant challenge. Operance is working closely with CalfordSeaden to develop a tailored approach to data standardisation, ensuring consistency across projects. By aligning information formats, structure, and data exchange protocols, we overcame integration challenges and established a unified platform that effectively manages housing association information.


Change Management and Adoption

Driving change within housing associations to adopt a new information management system required a focused change management strategy. Operance and CalfordSeaden are collaborating closely with the housing associations, providing comprehensive training and support to ensure the successful adoption of the Operance platform. Through ongoing communication and assistance, we helped housing associations embrace the new system and maximise its benefits.


Operance, in collaboration with CalfordSeaden, offers a unique golden thread platform that meets the specific needs of housing associations within the G15 group. The partnership encompasses the following key services:


Consolidation of BIM Information

Operance supports CalfordSeaden in consolidating and organising the vast amount of BIM information associated with housing association projects. Through our platform, we provide a structured and intuitive solution that enables housing associations to manage their BIM data effectively. By centralising BIM information, housing associations can easily access and utilise it for ongoing operations, maintenance, and compliance purposes.


Single Source of Truth

CalfordSeaden has chosen Operance as the preferred golden thread platform for their clients’ information. By utilising Operance, housing associations within the G15 group can curate their building safety and compliance information in one reliable and secure location. This ensures that all relevant stakeholders have access to accurate and up-to-date information, streamlining processes and improving overall information management efficiency.


Centralised Data Environment

Operance allows Calfordseaden to store and manage all design information, including architectural drawings, structural calculations, and mechanical and electrical specifications. This information can be easily accessed and shared with all stakeholders, including clients, architects, and subcontractors. By having a centralised data environment for design information, they can ensure that everyone is working with the latest version of the drawings and specifications.


By using Operance, Calfordseaden have been able to ensure building safety by complying with the golden thread legislation and the latest building and fire safety acts. The following are some of the results achieved:

Streamlined Information Management

Through the partnership between Operance and CalfordSeaden, housing associations within the G15 group have achieved streamlined information management processes. The centralised golden thread platform enables efficient access, retrieval, and utilisation of critical information, supporting effective decision-making and enhancing operational efficiency.

Improved Collaboration and Efficiency

By consolidating BIM and building safety information into a single source of truth, CalfordSeaden and Operance have fostered collaboration among housing associations and their stakeholders. The platform’s intuitive features and user-friendly interface facilitate effective communication, knowledge sharing, and collaborative workflows, improving overall project efficiency.


The strategic partnership between Operance and CalfordSeaden has enabled housing associations within the G15 group to consolidate their BIM and building safety information in a single, reliable source of truth. By overcoming data standardisation and change management challenges, we have delivered exceptional value and empowered housing associations to manage their information effectively. Operance and CalfordSeaden remain committed to driving innovation, supporting best practices, and ensuring the success of housing association projects through efficient information management.

Furthermore, the partnership has also addressed change management challenges. Implementing new systems and processes can be disruptive, but Operance and CalfordSeaden have provided housing associations with the necessary support and guidance, ensuring a smooth transition. By empowering housing associations with efficient information management tools, the partnership has enabled them to navigate change effectively and maximise the benefits of their projects.

Operance and CalfordSeaden remain dedicated to driving innovation and supporting best practices within the housing association sector. They continue to collaborate closely, leveraging their combined expertise to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of housing associations. Through their commitment to efficient information management, the partnership aims to ensure the long-term success of housing association projects and contribute to the advancement of the industry.