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Complying with the golden thread via ISO19650

Jul 13, 2023 | Golden Thread


Operance CEO and co-founder Scott Pilgrim recently featured in Construction Management Magazine’s webinar on “Complying with the golden thread via ISO 19650”.

During the session, Scott highlights the significance of the collation of client information requirements for the golden thread and turning those into data templates that align with ISO 19650, IFC and COBie standards.

Below is a summary of some of the key points from the webinar, plus a chance to register for free access to the session on demand.

But first, what is ISO 19650?

ISO 19650 is an international standard that provides guidelines for managing information throughout the life cycle of a built asset using Building Information Modeling (BIM). It sets out the principles and requirements for managing information from concept to demolition or decommissioning.

The beginnings of Operance and the problem with building information.

The session begins with Scott talking about the early days of Operance and how the need for clear, relevant information drove the team to create software that allows users to create a single source of truth for their building information.

“I use the example of Jeff a school caretaker. He’s asking the same questions as we are why are we pulling all this useful information into a 3D environment that is actually quite complicated for people to use?”

So, an initial solution was created, pulling the information from BIM models into a central platform with a more user-friendly interface.

“But, what we forgot about is that a lot of the information was crap. It had very little use to Jeff as he manages and maintains his school buildings,” Scott adds.

The need for clear and relevant building information.

After going back to the drawing board, the team realised that the problem stemmed from the information requirements:

“Poor information equals minimum return. There’s lots of information that should be handed to Jeff, but who is actually defining all that information? Who is actually asking to see it? Where is it stored? How is it going to be maintained?… And it’s all made a little bit more complicated by the intervention and inclusion of the golden thread.”

Scott reveals that a key problem with building information is shared responsibility:

“I like to describe this as a messy shed. At the beginning of a project, you might think you’ve got everything in place – a brand new shed, where everything has its place. Overtime, stuff gets added in, stuff goes missing and there’s no uniformity anymore.”

He goes on to talk about the multi-formatted information end-users like Jeff get handed at handover – paper-filled ring binders, PDFs, digital folders, cloud systems and more.

“Let’s be honest, it’s time for a big change. We need to define, curate, access and maintain better information requirements.”

Scott reveals how Operance is achieving this with the world’s first purpose-built golden thread O&M platform.
Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the full webinar recording on complying with the Golden Thread via ISO 19650. Watch the full webinar by clicking the button below.

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