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HRB Registration Deadline: We Are Here To Help

Jun 19, 2023 | Case studies, Industry, Users

The HRB Registration deadline is fast approaching. The 1st of October 2023 marks a critical deadline set by the Building Safety Act (BSA) and enforced by the Building Safety Regulator (BSR). As a responsible property owner or manager, it is crucial to meet this deadline to ensure compliance and avoid potential legal consequences. Operance, our cutting-edge platform, can assist you in preparing for the deadline and simplify the process of submitting your HRB registration forms.

HRB Registration with Operance

We are the world’s first golden-thread platform, with a specific feature for developing the information you need to register your HRB(s). Our team has worked hard to break down the Building Safety Act and guidance from the Building Safety Regulator to create a simple step-by-step guide to producing and storing your HRB registration information. You simply add a building, click on HRB Registration and either begin providing the information required by yourself or by assigning others to specific sections.

One of the most significant challenges in preparation for the 1st of October is completing and submitting HRB registration forms. These forms contain crucial information about your building’s safety measures and management processes, which means accuracy is paramount. We have recognised this challenge and developed a user-friendly interface within our platform, allowing users to fill in the required information and submit their forms easily.

HRB Registration Deadline

It is important to note that failure to meet the deadline on the 1st of October can have serious consequences. The Building Safety Act and the Building Safety Regulator have put this deadline in place to ensure that property owners and managers are prioritising the safety of occupants. Failure to meet the deadline will be considered an offence and likely result in legal action (more information is available here). Therefore, acting promptly and utilising tools like Operance to facilitate compliance is crucial.

We have an official HRB registration countdown page available here. It will track how long is left until the 1st of October and provide more information and a checklist of items you need ready for the deadline.

Learn More About HRB Registration

We appreciate that the recent regulatory changes may pose questions for many of our readers. We have written an in-depth guide that answers many popular questions below, covering the when, what, where and why, and how regarding HRB registration and the upcoming deadline. Click here to read the guide, or click on the image below.

The Time To Act, Is Now.

With the HRB registration deadline fast approaching, the time to act is now. Our platform is ready to help you fill in and submit your HRB registration forms and much more. Book a demo, or speak to our sales team for more information.


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