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Meet Our New UX/UI Designer: Emmanuel Ogidi-olu

Mar 18, 2023 | Careers, Inside Operance, Team

Operance’s expansion has continued with full force in recent months! We would like to welcome our new UX/UI designer, Emmanuel Ogidi-olu, to Operance. Emmanuel joined the business in February and is already making a strong impact across the brand. Working closely with the rest of our product and development team, Emmanuel is here to ensure that our services continue to evolve whilst retaining current value and providing additional value in future.

We interviewed Emmanuel about his first couple of weeks within the role, have a read of his feedback below.

When did you join Operance, and why did you choose Operance?

I joined Operance on the 20th of February. I decided to join Operance because I was looking for an opportunity to help build a new product for the market that presented challenges from a UX/UI point of view. In such a short period of time, I have already learnt so much about the Operance platform, the pain points of the users and how I can help. I love a challenge and am excited to help build an ergonomically friendly, aesthetic platform that solves real-world problems such as building safety.

What is your role, and what are your responsibilities?

In my role as a UX/UI designer, I have a multitude of responsibilities that will no doubt grow as the product continues to evolve. UX and UI are different, so my role splits into two parts involving behavioural studies and an eye for efficient design. Combining these skills enables me to understand the user and their behavioural patterns and provide tangible solutions.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I have not had much time lately, but when I get time, my main two priorities are family and football! I have a young daughter full of life, so watching her grow up and enjoy life is exciting. I am an avid Manchester United football fan, so I watch most of their games and play football on the weekends if time allows it. Outside of football and my family, I enjoy a bit of swimming and gaming. 

How do you plan to impact the product, our users and our business?

I am still learning about all of the different use cases for the Operance platform; it’s a fascinating product that looks set to change how buildings are operated and maintained in the future. My goal is to make it as simple as possible for the user and help it evolve into a hassle-free, effective solution for buildings worldwide.

What upcoming platform update are you the most excited about?

That’s difficult to say! I am most excited about the huge user interface update I have started working on since joining the business. I am excited to help provide a familiar but more efficient interface for users on our platform that allows them to operate and maintain their buildings whilst remaining compliant with the golden thread and other safety acts.

In Summary

That concludes our interview with Emmanuel! We wish him a warm welcome to the business once again. We look forward to working with him on a long-term basis and are excited to see what the future brings with him on board.


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