Operance Newsletter 2

Say hello to Operance, your new smart building manual.

Our first market-ready version ‘Archimedes’ is our biggest release so far and available to download now. Why Archimedes? Why name versions with boring numbers when we can name them after our architectural and engineering heroes!

Maximise asset value with simple task management and reminders to keep your buildings safe and well maintained.
Simply search for your asset, press the new “+” button and create either urgent reactive tasks (i.e. replace boiler ignition) or planned proactive tasks (i.e. book in boiler service) directly against it. We’ll send you a reminder when they’re due!
In addition to your assets, you can now search for information relevant to your actual building, floors and spaces.
Should you need the perimeter, area, height or cubic space of a particular room: simply find your room through the additional ‘Space’ search filter on the home screen and hey presto, all information about this space is at your disposal!
Following the advice of our alpha and beta group users, we completely overhauled our original interface with a fresh new look.
Following a survey we shared with the Operance community asking for their interface preferences, you now have the choice of either light or dark mode layouts. We hope you like the new look as much as we do!

“2019 was very much a year of experimentation, developing a completely new platform in which to acheive greater value from as-built BIM information. Our focus in 2020 is to develop this idea further and produce a really simple, yet smart estates management platform, for everyone.”

Tim Mutlow, Operance CTO & Product Manager

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Archimedes – Wikipedia

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