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05/02/20 Press Release

Mar 6, 2020 | News, Press Release

Operance is a mobile-first application designed to enable anyone to easily search, share, update and utilise BIM (Building Information Modelling) information, without needing to know anything about BIM or invest in expensive CAFM systems.

The building information management platform, enables consultants, contractors and modular builders to upload BIM models and information such as COBie data into the platform. It provides clients and end-users with all their building information in their pocket, accessible anytime, anywhere, without the need to navigate complicated 3D models.

Co-founders Ian Yeo, Scott Pilgrim and Tim Mutlow built Operance after asking themselves what the point was in developing data-rich BIM models if end-users were not using them and as a result, simply allowing them to suffer the same fate as traditional O&M (Operations and Maintenance) manuals? Ian Yeo says:

“Whilst BIM is great and undoubtedly the future, the everyday school caretaker isn’t interested. BIM is technically complicated, requiring a lot of personal investment in terms of learning and changing of habits and corporate investment in terms of training and software. It’s simply unrealistic to expect a caretaker to utilise BIM models and COBie anytime soon, unless you serve it up in a manner they are comfortable with.”

Operance was therefore originally developed as digital O&M, providing a simple upload platform for BIM consultants and contractors to upload and handover as-built O&M information whilst helping clients easily visualise the value and benefits of BIM data prior to defining asset information requirements. The platform has since evolved, enabling users to easily search, share, update and utilise their building and asset information to create simple tasks and notifications to manage the operations and maintenance workflow. It has in effect become a smart building manual, soon to have the ability to auto-classify BIM models and legacy assets utilising AI (Artificial Intelligence) and plan to include IoT (Internet of Things) digital twin abilities in the future.

However ‘smart’ it becomes, the goal is to keep it simple says director Scott Pilgrim:

“It’s a bit like an everyday consumer purchasing a smartphone, they don’t generally care what technology they contain, they just want a smartphone to do all the usual things. It’s the same with building information management, most school caretakers don’t care or know anything about BIM, they just want their building information to operate and maintain their facility, so we are helping consultants and contractors give it to them”.

Project-side O&M and client side Smart Building Manual options.

The Operance ‘Digital O&M’ upload and handover costs main-contractors and modular builders just £2.5k per project, with no further cost to the client should they simply want access to their information as per traditional O&M’s, albeit digitally and mobile.

Should the client want to then edit, update, share and utilise their information for simple facilities task management along with every other feature available now and in the future, they simply upgrade to the ‘Smart Building Manual’ license, choosing between a ‘single-building’ license for just £250 per month or create substantial savings across their estate with a ‘multi-building’ enterprise license. There are also additional savings available for longer-term commitments.

Each of the ‘Digital O&M’ contractor upload and client ‘Smart Building Manual’ licenses provide a 30-day free trial, unlimited users, unlimited features, priority customer support and BIM model uploads. Free trials also include access to two example buildings with data for inspiration.

Operance is available to download now, follow either of the links below, register your free trial and request a free BIM model upload;

Apple App Store
Google Play App
Achieve greater added value by unlocking the power of your BIM data via Operance, the smart building manual.

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