Operance nominated among most innovative companies!

Yorkshire & Humberside Tech 50

Operance shortlisted for inclusion in highly-sought after position alogside the regions most innovative companies!

1st Big Promise / Emotional Connection

Your vote counts! 

To our complete and most delightful surprise, Operance has been nominated within an annual tech competition! The event profiles the region’s most innovative start-ups, scale-ups and established companies creating original technology. This year’s final 50 will be determined by a combination of reader votes and selections from an expert judging panel, names of which can be found here.

Simply visit BusinessCloud’s Yorkshire & Humberside Tech 50 page and choose ‘Bimsense’ (our parent company listing) to help us make the cut.


2nd Big Promise / Differentiation Statement

Timing is everything…

The window to vote is a short one, with less than a week to cast your vote, the deadline is 23:59 on Sunday November 8th. The final Yorkshire & Humberside Tech 50 will be published on November 23rd. Thank you in advance to all those that vote for us, it really does mean a lot to our team in recognising their efforts. Lastly, good luck to everyone listed within the initial 125 nominees, we are honored to be within your company! 😊

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