Top 10 Construction Industry Websites

Some might argue it’s not what you know but instead who you know. This terminology spreads beyond our day to day routines and into our careers. Today we would like to highlight ten essential blogs and news websites that we believe you need to know about to maximise your returns from the construction industry.

Look at our top 10 recommendations below:

Construction Enquirer

The Construction Enquirer is our favourite source to find out the latest news from within the industry. They also provide a live list of the top 100 construction companies and live tenders showing who won the contracts. You can also subscribe to their free daily news bulletin. Visit their website here.

UK Construction Online

UK Construction Media has the latest news from the UK Building & Construction sector with a vast subscriber database of UK Construction companies. They provide news, publications, information on stakeholders, supplier information, ebooks and more. Visit their website here.

PBC Today

PBC Today provides a tip-top range of digital publications, up-to-the-minute websites, ebooks, special reports and constantly updated social media channels. Their website is full of construction industry-related information, putting you at the frontline of the construction industry. Visit their website here.

The Construction Index

The Construction Index considers itself to be the construction search engine, and we agree! You can find everything industry-related on their website including news, leads, magazine subscriptions, jobs and even a podcast. We highly recommend checking their website out and seeing all of the content they have available. Visit their website here.

Construction News

Construction News is the leading provider of news, insight and events for the UK construction industry. They also host face-to-face events and have their own awards, which have become the most prestigious and coveted awards in the construction sector in the UK. Visit their website here.

Construction Management 

Construction Management is the highest circulation construction-based publication serving the UK built environment. You can browse their news articles, job boards, and take CPD courses to improve your industry knowledge. Visit their website here.

Building ( is another great source providing industry-related news updates, events, courses, subscriptions and more. We recommend taking a look at their website to see how they can improve your day to day routine. Visit their website here.

UK Construction Blog

The UK Construction Blog is another great news provider, providing regular updates on what’s happening with the top construction companies in the UK. You can apply to write for them, or submit guest posts for approval. Visit their website here.

Construction ( is the Yell of the construction industry, providing an ever-expanding directory for people to search and use on a daily basis. You can request and submit your own listing so that you can have a slice of their monthly traffic! …which is over 150,000 views per month! You can visit their website here.

Global Construction Review

Global Construction Review is a website that provides news, insights and reviews for the construction industry worldwide, including the UK market. You can sign up for their newsletter for free and also advertise to their monthly visitors. We highly recommend checking their website out. Visit their website here.

Do You Know About Our Digitised O&M Services?

If you haven’t already seen our digitised O&M services, we highly recommend you do!

Our software enables you to increase your profit margins whilst improving organisation and efficiency at the same time. Our digitised O&M modelling allows you to store all of the essential information for your project digitally accessible from anywhere, and this is just the beginning. Find out more here.


Which website listed above is your favourite?

Let us know your favourite website pick out of the list above on our social media channels!

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