Users: We Need More Beta Testers!

We still need you!

Now have a solid minimum viable product (MVP) to build from, we’re speeding up the development of new features to increase the functionality of our app and your O&M information!

Our focus is now squarely on empowering users to add to their as-built information to continuously develop the digital record of their assets and facilities. 

This means that for the first time via Operance, users can create digital O&M records for legacy buildings and not just new buildings derived from BIM models.

We are also working on our biggest request: Task Management and Notifications meaning users will be able to create proactive and reactive tasks from their as-built O&M information.

Having taken this leap into beta stage, we need your feedback more than ever to help our simple O&M, develop into a market-ready smart estates management platform with your needs in mind.