Breaking down the Building Safety Act with Operance & Rider Levett Bucknall


Over 400 people attended our recent webinar “Your Journey to Safer Buildings”, where we teamed up with Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) to explore the challenges posed by the Building Safety Act.

Missed out on the live event?

You can watch Your Journey to Safety Buildings on demand here.

As you probably already know, building safety and ensuring the wellbeing of occupants has become an increasingly hot topic in the construction industry.

The new Building Safety Act affects a wide range of stakeholders, including building owners, developers, and construction professionals. It imposes new responsibilities and obligations to ensure compliance with safety standards. Whether you are involved in the design, construction, or management of high-rise residential buildings, understanding the act’s impact is crucial to safeguarding lives and assets.

With the looming 30 September Building Safety Act deadline, staying informed about key regulations and your compliance has never been more crucial.

To help you navigate all these changes and comply with the new obligations, Operance and Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) put together this free webinar that delves into the Building Safety Act, its implications, and – most importantly – how we can assist you in meeting your new responsibilities.

Who is Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB)?

Rider Levett Bucknall is a renowned global construction and property consultancy, bringing a wealth of experience to the table.

As a multi-disciplined construction consultancy, their services include Principal Design, project management, surveying and cost management. With a commitment to promoting best practices and ensuring building safety, Rider Levett Bucknall has established itself as a reliable partner for clients worldwide.

Who is Operance?

Operance is a leading provider of comprehensive building information management solutions.

Having developed the world’s first true “Golden Thread” software platform, Operance also creates digital operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals, H&S files, Building User Guides, PPM schedules and much more.

Operance offers innovative technologies that streamline processes and enhance building safety. Their expertise and dedication make them a trusted partner for businesses across the built environment.

What is discussed in the webinar?

The key topics of this webinar include:

  • Breaking down the new Golden Thread and Building Safety legislation.
  • Consequences of non-compliance.
  • The four steps to finding the right information requirements.
  • Building Safety Cases.
  • Key Building Information.
  • AI’s role in the supply chain.

During the webinar, we also opened the floor to questions from our 400-strong audience, and here are some of the questions we answer during the webinar:

  • Who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the submissions are made to the BSR (Building Safety Regulator)?
  • Is there a portal where the BSR (Building Safety Regulator) will have all Golden Thread information uploaded?
  • What elements require information to be included in the Golden Thread of Information?
  • Is it only structural and fire safety, or does it include M&E (Mechanical & Electrical) and fixtures and fittings?

Watch the Your Journey to Safety Buildings webinar on demand now.

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