Operance Shortlisted for 5 Building Innovation Awards 2023

We’re honoured to announce that Operance has been shortlisted in five categories in this year’s Building Innovation Awards.  

The team are finalists for Best Health & Safety Innovation, Best Digital Transformation, Most Innovative New Product (Digital) and Most Innovative Contech Start-up, while our Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Scott Pilgrim is one of three Innovation Champions. Here’s the full shortlist

What are the Building Innovation Awards? 

The Building Innovation Awards recognise and celebrate the pioneering individuals, organisations and partnerships that are embracing emerging technologies and digital transformation to take UK construction to the next level. 

From the materials and technologies reshaping what is possible, to the contractors and manufacturers adopting modern methods of construction, the Building Innovation Awards highlight the technologies, approaches and projects that are not just boosting productivity and profits – but delivering greener, smarter and safer buildings. 


Best Health & Safety Innovation

Best Health & Safety Innovation Building Innovation Awards

We applied for the Best Health and Safety Innovation Award as we believe we’re making a transformative impact on building and fire safety in the construction industry.  

Operance addresses a pressing need in the market by replacing outdated traditional paper-based Operation & Maintenance (O&M) manuals with a dynamic digital platform that centralises and streamlines building safety information. It aligns with industry standards and regulatory requirements, supporting users in developing comprehensive building safety and fire safety information in a single source of truth. 

Our passion for safety and innovation fuels our mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions that make a meaningful impact. Operance is not just a software platform but a game-changer for a safer and more efficient construction industry. Together, we shape a brighter future for building information management.


Best Digital Transformation

Best Digital Transformation Building Innovation Awards

We believe Operance deserves to win the Best Digital Transformation Award for its transformative impact on building and fire safety.  

By replacing archaic paper-based Operation & Maintenance (O&M) manuals with a dynamic digital platform, Operance centralises and streamlines building safety data, through the use of a semi-automated information coordination.  

Operance has developed a brand new tech stack that integrates blockchain technology, immutable ledgers and to create a golden thread of information. This allows key building and fire safety information to be ever-lasting and accessible from one single source of truth. We empower users to develop comprehensive safety information, contributing to a safer and more efficient construction industry. Our commitment to innovation and safety positions it as a game-changer, shaping a brighter future for building information management. 


Most Innovative New Product (Digital)

Most Innovative New Product (Digital) Building Innovation Awards

What makes Operance a strong contender for Most Innovative New Product (Digital) is our groundbreaking impact on the construction industry and building safety.  

Leveraging blockchain and machine learning technology, our platform centralises real-time building data, eliminating fragmentation of data in various, unorganised formats.  

Meanwhile, automation enhances productivity while reducing errors and Operance’s step-by-step guidance simplifies compliance with new legislation, improving data quality.  

The Golden Thread Audit Trail feature ensures transparency and accountability, creating a comprehensive historical record. These features benefit design, construction, communication, and health and safety legislation. With our platform, we’ve reduced design errors, improved data quality, streamlined communication at each stage of the project from planning to handover.  

Our supply chain database and phase gate approach ensures that the accountable persons at each stage know the data requirements and who is responsible. 


Most Innovative Contech Startup

Most Innovative Contech Startup Building Innovation Awards

For the Most Innovative Contech Startup category, we wanted to highlight how our platform addresses industry challenges by replacing traditional and outdated paper-based Operation & Maintenance (O&M) manuals with a dynamic digital solution. It streamlines data management, enhances communication among stakeholders, and ensures compliance with the Building Safety Act and Building Fire Safety Act, vital for the construction sector’s future. 

What sets Operance apart is its unique and in-house developed Operance Tech Stack, tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. This stack semi-automates the entire O&M process, introducing a world-first Golden Thread audit trail of data for transparency and traceability. Operance’s commitment to accessibility, flexibility, and data security, including blockchain technology, further distinguishes it from competitors.  

To scale, Operance has successfully received additional investment, expand its team, launch advanced features with the V2 release, serve related markets, and expand internationally. 



Innovation Champion 2023

Innovation Champion 2023 Building Innovation Awards

Our co-founder and CPO Scott Pilgrim is one of three finalists in the Innovation Champion 2023 category.  

We believe he deserves to win the title for fostering a culture of innovation and driving the company’s commitment to revolutionize the construction and property industry.  

Scott maintains a start-up mentality, encouraging the team to dedicate 20% of their time to innovation. He actively contributes to industry groups and inspires his employees to do the same, fostering industry knowledge and understanding.  

For example, hosting workshops and webinars to give back to the industry, such as Your Journey to Safer Buildings.  

His visionary leadership is evident in Operance’s success in driving innovative ideas and adopting emerging technologies, with staff exceeding expectations to develop and deliver results.  

By offering shared equity and emphasising the importance of each employee’s role, he cultivates a collective commitment to Operance’s vision and hunger for further innovation. 


Scott Pilgrim, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Operance

The winners of the Building Innovation Awards 2023 will be announced on Thursday 12 October and presented at a gala dinner at Kimpton Clocktower Hotel, Manchester. To find out more, visit the Building Innovation Awards website.


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