Meet Our New Sales Executive: Max Risby

We would like to welcome our new Sales Executive, Max Risby to the Operance family. Working closely with our marketing department and Chief Product Officer; Max is looking forward to helping us grow our current markets and venture into new markets that may present true demand for our products and services.

We interviewed Max about his first week at Operance and what he’s looking forward to the most about joining the business. Have a read below.

Hey Max, have you felt welcome and involved?

Absolutely! I have felt welcome since the first day I joined Operance. The induction period has been well planned, and it gives me lots of confidence moving forwards. I’m excited to grow the team and find more individuals with the same mindset and passion as the rest of the people in the business.

Is there anything we could have improved on?

I honestly can’t think of anything that could have made the week any better, and that is all down to the culture and planning here at Operance. When you first start any new position in a company, there is always a level of anticipation of what to expect, and it honestly has exceeded expectations.

‘That’s really good to hear Max! We’re glad you enjoyed your time with us in good old Hull!’

What are you most excited about moving forwards?

I’m mainly looking forward to unlocking the business’s full potential and seeing how much we can grow together. I am sure we can all agree that the potential growth is almost endless, which I think is down to our product’s value and position in the market. I am also excited to learn everything I can from you and the rest of the team because everyone has so much knowledge to share with each other.

What was it that drew you to the role?

I have always wanted to work for a brand that is relatively new with a modern approach to business. The solutions available at Operance have a clear value and provide true benefits to the market. I have previously worked for a multitude of software companies and have a passion for technology and digital products.

When I was able to secure an interview and meet Scott; it was refreshing to see that the business’ five-year plan aligned with my own five-year plan which meant that it was a win-win situation for everyone. Since having this original thought, I have enjoyed every minute thus far and long may it continue!

Is the role what you thought it would be?

It is still early stages, but so far it is exactly what I thought it would be, if not more! I feel a lot more comfortable than I thought I would at the end of the week, and the responsibilities align with what I agree is vital to the role.

What do you enjoy doing outside of Operance?

Outside of Operance, I am an avid football enthusiast and play for a local team. I was playing at a semi-professional level until around two years ago and have supported Manchester United most of my life. When I am not doing anything sport-related, I like to keep it simple, watch Netflix, cook good food and have a stress free life!

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