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Meet our new Lead Project Coordinator: Shoughan Dilshad

Feb 6, 2024 | Careers, Inside Operance, Team

We would like to welcome our new Lead Project Coordinator, Shoughan Dilshad’s, to Operance. We sat down with Shoughan, Operance’s newest Lead Project Coordinator, to learn more about her journey and what drew her to join the Operance family.

When did you join Operance, and why did you choose Operance?

Shoughan joined Operance on the 13th of November, and her decision to become a part of Operance is a tale of resilience, networking, and seizing the right opportunity. Her journey began when the company she worked for faced administration in September. The opportunity to work for Operance was shared through her network. Shoughan, having explored various leads, saw this as a chance to continue her work in an area similar to her previous role as a CDE coordinator.

Shoughan’s story highlights the power of networking and how a well-timed opportunity can reshape one’s professional path. Her decision to join Operance wasn’t just about finding a job; it was about aligning her expertise in O&M with a role specifically tailored for the end stage of construction projects.

Why did you choose Operance, and what drew you to it?

What drew Shoughan to Operance was a combination of confidence in her skills and a desire for a more focused role. Her wealth of experience in O&Ms from previous roles, coupled with innovative ideas for improving the O&M process, made Operance an ideal fit.

Moreover, Operance offered her the chance to dive into a specific aspect of the construction industry that she was passionate about. It was an opportunity to contribute to the end stage of projects, particularly in the realm of handovers. Shoughan saw Operance not just as a startup, but as a unique platform where she could leverage her knowledge and make a significant impact.

We look forward to seeing the positive impact Shoughan will undoubtedly bring to the Operance team. Welcome aboard!

Question 3: What’s your role at Operance, and what are your responsibilities every day?

Shoughan’s role as Lead Project Coordinator is central to ensuring the seamless management of projects on the Operance platform. Her daily responsibilities encompass a range of tasks critical to project success. This includes overseeing user onboarding, ensuring timely assignment of sections within the platform, and actively chasing subcontractors or consultants for outstanding information.

A key facet of her role involves continuous improvement. Shoughan is actively engaged in generating ideas and enhancements for the Operance platform, contributing valuable feedback to the product team. This dual role—balancing project management with a focus on platform evolution—underscores Shoughan’s multifaceted contribution to Operance.

Looking ahead, Shoughan discusses plans to expand the service team. A new Project Coordinator is set to join, with the aim of creating a robust team under Shoughan’s leadership. This strategic move not only aims to optimise workload distribution but also to enhance the overall service quality provided by Operance.

By strengthening the service team, Operance aims not only to meet but exceed client expectations. Shoughan emphasises the importance of aligning sales promises with service delivery, creating a synergy that fosters long-term client satisfaction and loyalty.

In conclusion, Shoughan’s role as Lead Project Coordinator is pivotal in shaping the operational success of Operance. Her blend of project management acumen, commitment to continuous improvement, and strategic team expansion align with Operance’s vision for excellence in project delivery and client service.

Question 4: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

When it comes to unwinding, Shoughan reveals a desire for an active and dynamic lifestyle. She discloses herself as a dedicated gym enthusiast, striving to hit the gym a minimum of three times a week and ideally five. This commitment to fitness extends beyond the gym, with activities such as swimming, walks, and hiking finding a place in her routine.

Beyond the world of fitness, Shoughan unveils another facet of her leisure time. She identifies herself as a movie fan, expressing a love for cinema that spans a wide range of genres. With a particular fondness for mystery, sci-fi, and crime, she shares her passion for watching movies and exploring diverse narratives.

Question 5: How do you plan to impact the product or users and our business?

Shoughan envisions a positive influence on the Operance platform based on her accumulated insights. Her plan is to leverage her knowledge, gathered from previous roles, especially utilising her experience using Aconex, to propose enhancements to the platform. This could involve introducing features that are not only similar but potentially superior to existing functionalities.

She emphasises a commitment to user-centric improvements. Shoughan’s goal is to steer the product towards becoming more accessible to other organisations, fostering an environment where users can efficiently manage tasks. Central to her strategy is the intention to enhance user-friendliness, incorporating features designed to save valuable time.

Highlighting the significance of efficiency, Shoughan shares her perspective on the time-saving aspect. Based on her current experience with the platform, she identifies areas where optimisation can occur, reducing the time investment required for certain tasks. This, she believes, will contribute to a more streamlined and efficient operational process.

In Summary

That concludes our interview with Shoughan! We would like to once again wish her a warm welcome to the business. We look forward to working with her on a long-term basis and are excited to see what the future brings with her on board.


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