Sharing Asset Information

Sharing is caring…for your assets!

Coming soon: The ability to share asset information ‘spec sheets’”

Tomorrow’s solution for today’s problem

Imagine the scene; Sarah is an academy trust business manager and needs to purchase a portfolio-wide service plan for the trusts various school’s.

The heating engineers she has engaged for a quote, are requesting information about every boiler in every school in order to assess type, age and model to develop an accurate price. No problem! Sarah simply searches for the boilers on Operance and shares the ‘spec sheet’ via text or email to her supplier.

Gone are the days of asking caretakers in every school to take their own notes and provide them back to the academy!

You’ll even be able to limit the time period in which information can be made available internally or externally of your organisation to maximise security of your data and facilities.

3rd Big Promise / Practical Content

As with all our various features and innovations in development, we welcome the opinion of the Operance community in respect of how else we could provide maximum value to the users. So as soon as this feature is ready for Beta testing, we will let you know and invite you to take part in the testing excercise.

Watch this space!