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A Day in the Life of our Account Manager: Max Risby

Oct 4, 2022 | Careers, Inside Operance, Team

In our next article from our ‘A Day in the Life Of…’ series, we interviewed Max Risby, our Account Executive who works within our sales team. Max joined the business in March and has played a critical part in our O&M platform growth in recent months; whilst maintaining strong relationships with our current client base.

When did you join Operance, and why did you choose Operance?

I joined Operance in March 2022 after working in multiple sales-orientated roles throughout my career. My main reason for joining Operance was the opportunity to participate in the growth of a business whilst also being able to continue growing within myself and my role at the same time. Working at Operance enabled me to provide input on the sales methodology and team structure within sales departments; and also to sell a product that makes the world a better place.

What is your role, and what are your responsibilities?

My role title is Account Executive, which involves ensuring that customer needs are identified and that the business can provide a propper solution. It’s also important that our current and potential clients fully understand the uses of our O&M platform for both new and legacy sites that need operations and maintenance manuals. Extending beyond my role as an Account Executive, I have also been working closely with other teams around Operance to help increase the speed of adoption of our product.

What do you get up to day to day? Describe your daily work routine.

My daily work routine changes quite frequently because everyone’s needs are different. I spend a lot of time communicating with current and future clients, all of which have different situations and requirements that I need to consider before demonstrating the product and moving forwards. A brilliant perk of our platform is that it has been built in a way that we can adapt and respond to feedback, so I also like to reach out to current clients and see how they are handling the product.

What is your favourite thing about your role?

I am a people person in general, which matches this role perfectly. Helping others and being behind a brand that provides true value is something that I love being able to do. Identifying a problem or requirement and then providing a solution is also something I find fulfilling. I know that our O&M platform is the top product in its category, so spreading the word and watching it grow is a great feeling.

What upcoming platform update are you the most excited about?

Now, I obviously have to be careful what I divulge here, but – there are many updates in the pipeline that I can’t wait to see in the public eye! One of which I can discuss is the upcoming legacy solution that will allow our users to upload their current traditional O&M manuals into the platform. This means that not only will future buildings be golden thread compliant, but we will be able to make sure old ones are. This is exciting because the UK has a lot of older heritage buildings that require safety just as much as any other building. There is so much in the pipeline, so I recommend you follow us on social media to stay up to date.

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