Meet Our New Chief Financial Officer: Tajinder Sandhu

We would like to give a warm welcome to our new Chief Financial Officer, Tajinder Sandhu! Tajinder joined the Operance family a few months ago and is working closely with our leadership team on a part time basis.

We interviewed Tajinder about his first couple of months, have a read below:

Have you felt welcome and involved since joining the business?

Yes, I’ve been made to feel very welcome, especially considering we work remotely as a business and I work part-time hours. Thanks again for putting in the time and effort into making me feel welcome.

Is there anything we could have improved on during your starting period?

No, everything has been as expected given my part-time nature. Operance has done really well with the induction period process considering we are all remote.

What are you most excited about moving forwards?

I am excited about watching the company grow and scale. I am also looking forward to helping with the fundraisers and charity events in future. I also look forward to getting involved with the company’s social events.

What was it that drew you to the role?

The business is solving an important problem by helping to develop a solution that could avoid issues like the Grenfell Tower. This aligns heavily with my core values and means that I can dedicate my time to the business whilst receiving fullfillment within the role.

Is the role what you thought it would be?

Yes, the role is everything I expected after originally speaking with Ian, Nigel and the team. I’ve worked as a CFO for a few technology companies which has helped me get stuck in. I am looking forward to continuing to develop the role over the coming years.

What do you enjoy doing outside of Operance?

Outside of Operance, I study jujitsu, piano and history on a part-time basis, which I am hoping to make into a degree. I have children and a German Shepherd, all of which take up a lot of my spare time! Quite rightfully so! smile

In Summary

That concludes our interview with Tajinder! We would like to once again wish him a warm welcome to the business. We look forward to working with him on a long-term basis and are excited to see what the future brings with Tajinder onboard.


…Operance is growing rapidly so keep an eye out for our next new starter article! smile