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Meet Our New Head of Digital Services: Dave Peacock

Jan 12, 2023 | Careers, Inside Operance, Team

We would like to welcome our new Head of Digital Services, Dave Peacock, to Operance. Dave joined the business in December and is already making a strong impact across the brand. Working closely with the rest of our board team, Dave is here to ensure that our services continue to evolve whilst retaining current value and providing additional value in future.

We interviewed Dave about his first couple of weeks within the role, have a read of his feedback below.

When did you join Operance, and why did you choose Operance?

I started in December 2022 after many chats with Scott and later Ian Y to define the role, which seemed an excellent fit for my knowledge and experience. I have been aware of BIMSense and Operance since they started around five years ago; the organisation is seen as one of the leading forces related to AEC BIM & Digital for both the O&M/FM/Golden Thread platform and the BIM, Digital and Information Management services. I was eager to join the team when Scott mentioned it; I have watched from afar as the business and number of clients have grown.

What is your role, and what are your responsibilities?

My role is Head of Digital Services, and I am responsible for managing the team, the clients and the projects related to that part of the organisation. I am initially involved in discussions with the clients regarding their information requirements (use cases), then collating our proposal, resourcing the projects, ongoing talks and ensuring the final deliverables are as required to meet the client’s requirements.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I’m showing my age, but I have played league badminton for over 25 years. I am not as fit as I used to be, but experience and long arms help keep me going on the court! It’s great at the weekends and holidays to spend time with my wife and daughters, either eating out, going to the cinema, shopping or visiting friends and family. Having four teenage daughters keeps me on my toes; dad’s taxi is very busy nowadays!

How do you plan to impact the product, our users and our business?

I bring 25 years in the Construction industry, including 15 years of BIM/Digital experience, so that knowledge will allow me to define what the client wants or needs to meet industry standards or best practices and how best to deliver on those requirements. I have been part of Nima (formerly UK BIM Alliance) for around five years now in a range of roles, and I am also involved in discipline-specific groups within the Housing and Nuclear sectors, which allow me to input and gain early insight into the next evolution of BIM, Digital and Information Management within the Construction industry.

What upcoming platform update are you the most excited about?

The new Building Safety module is an excellent addition to the platform; this helps to guide housing associations, local authorities and other parties involved with High-Risk Buildings (HRB). This module is a step-by-step guide to define, curate, access and maintain the information about High-Risk Buildings in line with the latest Building Safety and Fire Safety legislation. This includes the HRB registration, which comes into effect in April 2023 and requires all HRBs to be registered by October 2023.

In Summary

That concludes our interview with Dave! We wish him a warm welcome to the business once again. We look forward to working with him on a long-term basis and are excited to see what the future brings with him on board.

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